The Bushidokan Martial Arts Temple is a dojo that promotes the art of Dan Zan Ryu Zenyo Bujitsu. The system was originated by Professor Herb LaGue who began his martial arts studies in 1950. Sr. Professor Herb LaGue, Judan/10th degree, Founder (Shodai) Danzan Ryu Zenyo Bujitsu started studying Boxing, Judo, Savatte, Aikido, Lama Pai, and Jujitsu. Dan Zan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu was formulated from these systems and uses a framework of Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu to teach the principles of Zenyo throughout the system. Danzan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu is a systematic way to eliminate fear through building self-confidence. This is accomplished by serving and healing others. Danzan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu creates curiosity and stimulates one's natural inherent characteristics to explore and create. People are drawn to Danzan-Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu by their natural survival instinct. 

Our instructors have many years of experience and you work at your own pace attending all the classes you want.  We have different schedules, classes in the evening and weekends.  No contracts, donations recommended and appreciated.

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